Flower birthday cake for a six year old girl

Fifteenth Birthday Cake

This was made for a friend of my daughter's who turned 15. She wanted Zebra Stripes and Purple :) I think we met our objective !!


First Birthday Cakes

Carly's smash cake with pink butter cream icing.

This cake was definitely a labor of love for me.  Now that I look at it, I see everything I did wrong, but just like any other art form, it takes practice and time to make perfect!

My first fondant bow.

The birthday girl and her HUGE cake!!

Poodle Cake

I made this cake for an 11 year old's birthday. She has a poodle and was donating dog food to PAWS in lieu of gifts!! Wow..cool, huh?? The poodle is made entirely of fondant!! I am so proud of this cake :) I absolutely adore decorating with fondant!!