Pink and Green Zebra stripe/argyle.

I made this cake for a sixteen year old. She was happy with it.  I have learned that no matter what, sugar is never going to look flawless!  I have a hard time accepting that sometimes!! I am a perfectionist and I need to learn to just let it go.

Suitcase Cake

This is two 9x13 inch cakes stacked and covered in vanilla buttercream, then in Marshmallow fondant. The decorations are also MMF. The client was very happy with this cake.  It was my first suitcase cake.  I am ready to try a purse!


Tinkerbell Cake

I made this one for a little girl who was turning two.  Her mother provided the Tinkerbell decor on paper.  I tried so hard to sculpt a Tinkerbell out of gum paste, however, after a bunch of failed attempts, I decided to just go with the paper decor on the cake!! I did not want to be responsible for scaring the two year old girl with a scary rendition of Tink!! HA! Ha! By any means, with the daunting task of Tink out of the way, I could focus more on the flowers and stars.  Hope she enjoyed it!!